What are the properties of saffron?

13 Jul

In ancient medicine, the new Venice of this plant is called as a pharmacy due to its many medicinal and therapeutic properties. Here, we describe a number of properties of saffron in a headline.

Improve vision
Strengthen sexual power
Treatment of depression and neurological disorders
Treatment of fatty liver
Improves skin and rejuvenates it
Strengthen the immune system
cancer treatment
Antidepressant plant

Maintenance of saffron
Due to its high price, after buying it, it is better to know how to store saffron. It should be kept away from light and moisture. Keep this plant in closed glass or metal containers. Note that the essential oil can evaporate, so close the lid. If the lid is left open, the medicinal effects and quality will be reduced.

What are the disadvantages of excessive consumption of saffron?
Excessive consumption is harmful and causes vomiting, decreased heart rate, nosebleeds, bleeding eyelids and lips and causes dizziness, lethargy, jaundice and other dangerous complications that these consequences can even lead to To die.

What are the ingredients of saffron?
It has various compounds that make this wonderful and valuable plant more famous than before. Nowadays, the amount of these compounds can be measured through experiments in laboratories and laboratories, and in fact, its quality is measured, and the higher the percentage of these compounds, the higher the quality of this valuable spice.

Saffron compounds:
Safranal is the cause of fragrance in this plant.
Picrosin causes a wonderful taste of saffron.
Crocin is the cause of dye in Zarpran and is also a factor in preventing cancer.


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