Dried grapes are called raisins in different ways. This nutrient is rich in calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins, and contains antioxidant properties that protect the body’s cells. You can also use it as a healthy and nutritious nut in all seasons.

Grapes are dehydrated as they dry, and their color darkens. O Valuable Fruit Unlike dried fruits, it does not need to add sweetener during drying, and although its water is lost, it becomes sweeter. Raisins are the second natural sweetener in the world after dates, which, unlike other sweets, does not damage teeth and can even cure tooth decay.

Introduction of raisins and their properties

As there is a lot of variety in grape fruit, raisins, which are the same as dried grapes, have different types, so it can be used for different uses and different tastes. In this article, we want to acquaint you with the types of these different nutrients, which are: 1- Green raisins, 2- Raisins, 3- Raisins.

Green Raisin

Raisins are another fiber-rich food that can be consumed in large quantities to treat gastrointestinal diseases such as chronic constipation, so it improves intestinal motility and promotes gastrointestinal health. Also, the effects of magnesium and potassium in this food full of vitamins, reduce acidity and remove toxins from the blood and prevent heart disease, kidney stones, gout and osteoarthritis.

Green raisins are considered as a type of nuts and a snack that has positive effects on the health of people of all ages. Cancer prevention, treatment of anemia, combating hair loss, treatment of joint pain, improving digestion, improving visual health, treatment of insomnia, improving energy levels, strengthening dental health, regulating body pH, including the unique properties of this substance Is food. Due to the fact that this nutrient contains iron ions, vitamin B complex and copper, adding it to meals is very important.


Large seeds of dried black grapes are called raisins. Although different from raisins in shape and color, their properties are almost identical. Eating raisins reduces blood concentration, dilates blood vessels, and as a result blood can flow faster in the body, which reduces blood clotting in the arteries. With the drying of grapes and turning them into raisins, not only is its vitamin not lost, but its invigorating effect is also increased. Raisins contain A, B, E acids and are rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty vitamins.

Low-grain or non-seeded raisins are the best type of raisins. This nutrient helps prevent cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. It also lowers blood pressure, treats heart disease and strengthens the stomach. Raisins are a group of fruits and each 40 grams has about 70 kcal of energy. Recently, this food has a special place in nut shops and most people use it along with other nuts, for more power and energy, especially in the cold seasons of the year.

Raisins strengthen the body’s digestive system, are beneficial for pregnant and lactating mothers as well as children, and are used as a snack.

If a person eats 20 raisins every day, he will lose a lot of intelligence, strengthen the brain, and phlegm and cold.

Sunny Raisins

Sunflower raisins are also a type of natural raisins. No additives are used in the production process of sunny raisins.

To produce sunny raisins, grape clusters are placed on the ground and exposed to direct sunlight so that after a few days, these grape seeds turn into tasty raisins in a dark brown color. One of the differences between sun-dried raisins and dried raisins is the amount of time it takes to produce them. Sun raisins are prepared in much less time (between 2 to three weeks) due to their location in sunlight and heat.

Various types of grained and seedless grapes may be produced by the sun (dry sun) method, the most popular of which are: raisins, proud raisins, black currant raisins, wet raisins.

Golden Raisins

Golden raisins or golden grape raisins are among the most unique raisins produced in Iran. The method of production of this raisin is that the grapes are pickled after picking and then smoked with sulfur powder. This preserves the color of the grapes and allows the raisins to be kept more moist for longer. The best golden raisins are produced in the cities of Azerbaijan, such as Maragheh, Bonab and Malekan, and Malayer is one of the most important cities producing golden raisins.

Sultana Raisins

This product is made from seedless grapes of Malekan vineyards, which are usually harvested at the end of September. 6 dried days are stored by farmers. Then it is transferred to the factory for washing and packing process. The color of this product is available in two colors, dark brown and light brown. Sultana Malekan raisins have a delicate, unique and very sweet aroma and taste.

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