Rosewater is one of the miracles of nature that has many healing properties in this extract and cures many pains and diseases. This liquid is the most famous type of infusion that is taken from rose. It is said that the Prophet of Islam used the perfume of this flower. It is also known as Golmohammadi.

Rosewater has a warm and somewhat mild nature and is a tonic and logo for the stomach, heart, liver, nerves.

Rose water is also anti-stress and is effective in relieving insomnia.

By gargling rosewater, we can reduce inflammation and redness of throat, palate, tonsils and larynx, and using rosewater for eating, inhaling and mouthwash is recommended.

The nutritional value of this liquid is very high and it contains vitamin E as well as citrenolol, statoprene and vitamin C, etc.

Types of Rosewaters and its degree of nature are different. Rosewaters can be divided into heavy Rosewater (grade one), light Rosewater (grade two), double Rosewater and etc.

To prepare a heavy Rosewater, its flowers should be picked except during the sunny hours of the day, and it should have approximately 0.35 grams of essential oil in one liter, and 40 kg of Rosewater should be prepared from 30 kg of high quality flowers.

Grade Rosewater (light Rosewater): 40 liters of light Rosewater is obtained from approximately 15 kg of flowers.

Double-fire rose: After the Rosewater is taken once, instead of pouring water on the flowers of the pot, the previously obtained Rosewater is poured, and in this case, the Rosewater is distilled with fresh flowers, and double-fire Rosewater is formed.

Also, rosewater is the perfume that most of the perfume is considered and it is a pear that instead of taking 40 liters of rosewater from 30 kg of flowers, only 7 liters of rose is taken to give it more aroma and smell.

If the rosewater is pure, it has a bitter and astringent taste, and it is clear and colorless, and the more bitter the rosewater, the more original it is. The bitterness of rosewaters should be such that it is natural and does not contain artificial essential oils.

The best season for spring rose picking is in May and June.

Rose water can be used in baking all kinds of sweets, halva, syrup, it is also used to bless shrines and holy places, and every year before the spiritual ceremony of Hajj, the house of Kaaba is washed with rose water.

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