Date paste is a processed product made from dates without any preservatives and is unnatural. This product is very tasty, has a soft and uniform texture, dates, colors and is completely pasteurized.

This product has found many applications in the food industry and can be a very good alternative to various types of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Among its industrial uses, we can mention the confectionery industry, baking cakes and chocolates, the biscuit and cookie industry, and the confectionery industry, the dairy and ice cream industries, and so on.

Specialized properties of date paste

Date paste is a semi-solid compound that to prepare it, first the best and highest quality dates are prepared and pitted. The husk is then separated from the dates, crushed and uniform, this product is ground after controlling the percentage of moisture, which should be between 20 to 26 percent, and is kept as a paste.

Black dough is made from black dates and brown dough is made from yellow and brown dates. Other natural ingredients such as sesame, hazelnut, pistachio kernel, almond kernel, walnut kernel, etc. can also be added to give it a different taste and, of course, more properties.

Nutrients and benefits of date paste

The fiber in date paste increases blood cholesterol and lowers negative cholesterol. Daily consumption of date paste helps strengthen bones, improve digestive problems and eliminate anemia.

Consumption of date paste not only prevents many diseases but is also useful for improving cardiovascular function, nerves, respiratory tract and colds due to its high content of antioxidants.

This product is also used to prevent infectious diseases, treat fatigue and lethargy and lose weight.

Storage, packaging and export conditions

The time to keep date paste in the refrigerator is 6 months; And to move it, you need a refrigerated container.

At present, Iranian date paste and other products made from dates, such as date chips, are exported to 72 countries and are very popular.

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