Barberry puff pastry

This type of product is marketed about three to six months after the first harvest of barberry from the tree, and the reason is that the production process is time consuming.

In the production of this type, barberry is separated from the tree by a branch and barberry seeds are not separated from the branch. The branches are then taken to closed halls, where they are hung like raisins or stacked as large as possible.

The space of the halls should be large so that air and moisture can pass easily between the seeds and branches. These barberry seeds remain on the branch until dry.

The fact that the seed is attached to the branch makes the drying time between 2 to 6 months and even longer. During this time, the barberries are away from the sun and high temperatures, and this causes the seeds not to lose their bright color and remain bright red.

When the time comes to separate the barberries from the other seeds, they are dried and ready for processing. Generally, in this separation, the load is full of thorns, leaves and small branches, and like pomegranate seeds, it still needs to be blown.

After blowing the branches, thorns and leaves from the product, it is time to sort, which is exactly the previous process to prepare the product for the market. After drying, puffed barberry is separated from the branches and cleaned by special devices. High-quality puffed barberry has a bright red color and is light and fluffy.

To supply the product, it should be noted that the appropriate packaging of barberry is used in bulk to prevent barberry pests and rot. Laminated cartons are often suitable for packaging.

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