Barberry pomegranate seeds

This type is produced in the first harvest season, ie October, in such a way that farmers separate barberry seeds from the branches and spread them on large areas. This type of drying is done at the same time as the harvest and often the large branches are not removed from the bar until the leaves and thorns of barberry dry.

From time to time, the farmer shifts the barberries that he has placed in the open air and in the presence of sunlight and heat, so-called upside down. In this way, it prevents the product from rotting and accumulating a lot on top of each other.

After complete drying, the barberries are inflated as much as possible, which means that the leaves are separated from the seeds of the main crop by wind or in natural space or by creating artificial wind. After that, the barberries are stored in cartons without plastic or laminate until the next processing time in a cool place away from the sun.

During the next processing, these barberries are poured in the sorting machine and the leaves, branches and thorns are removed from it, then with other processes of sorting the stone and heavy wastes will be removed from it.

This product is ready to be offered in the market at this stage after sorting.

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